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breathwork. by ah


Breath Work Exercises_ Evening Unwind se

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” 

― thich nhat hanh


Program:     BREATHWORK by Advanced Hypnosis

Binaural:     Alpha Wave- relaxation and promote positivity + Beta Wave- concentration and problem solving + Theta Wave- relaxation and meditative states + Delta Wave- deep sleep and relaxation + Gamma Wave- expanded consciousness and peak concentration + Shumman Frequency- earth's heartbeat + Singing Bowls Major Notes

Details:      Each session is tailored to build upon the previous. Binaural beats and acoustic associations are tailored to the session to maximize affect.



Who is this for:  Anyone who wants to learn to focus their awareness, attention, and intention to influence and control your physical, mental, and emotional state in the moment, and build an outlook for the future based on intention and empowerment. 


Why BREATHWORK by ah:  Breath is the most powerful tool you have to effect your physical, mental, and emotional state in the moment. It is not only vital to our existence, it is vital to our ESSENCE!

BREATHWORK by Advanced Hypnosis:


Since time immemorial, traditional cultures have been aware of the importance and significance of breath. From the concept of "prana" as the sacred essence of life. To "chi" as the cosmic essence. To "Ha" as the breath of life and tied to the concept of the soul. Breath has traditionally held a place far elevated from the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide.


BREATHWORK endeavors to recognize the importance of breath in both areas. We'll seek to build proper breathing technique, to develop more advanced techniques, to build carbon dioxide tolerance, enhance oxygen transport to tissues, and integrate the concepts of energy and expanded consciousness.


Further, our breath work program lays the foundation for future work, where we utilize breath control our physical, mental, and emotional states, in the moment, for peak performance and to renew life toward achievement and fulfillment.


Welcome to BREATHWORK by ah. Our program utilizes two fundamental beliefs:


  •  BREATH - breath is life - awareness of breath grounds us in the moment and connects us to life’s greater force. Concentrated breathing increases this connection even more.

  •  HIGHER PURPOSE - supreme consciousness - awareness that a supreme consciousness exists. It is infinite, and we are of it.


Feelings and emotions come from three places: past, present, and future. How you feel in at any given moment is a result of you thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs about your past and present situation, and your expectation for your future. From our beginning to our present, faulty beliefs of the self and the word around us can take root. like weeds, they infiltrate our mind, and create internal stress which robs us of our energy and, self-limiting beliefs, that rob us of our future. Let’s take back control!


The groundwork you create here will allow you to recognize your arousal state, know your optimal arousal for the task at hand, and effect you arousal state to match...This is vital for athletes to excel and consistently perform at the highest levels. But think about how vital this is for us all. To be fully engaged and tuned in the moment to the task at hand, and aligned with your future goals Think how much more effective you'll be in your personal life, career, family, and love!


BREATHWORK is an integral part of our healing process and is incorporated in the work we do here. We recommend that you take our 30 day challenge and begin with The Foundation Sessions.


From there, utilize any of our other specialized sessions (breath work, chakra & energy sessions, Woman's Corner, etc.) as you desire. 


Feel free to visit us at to see the products and services we offer. We offer customized programs and sessions. Please contact us through “contact” form or the email below for more information.


We offer training on Maui for our local clients and those attending our personalized retreats. We also offer remote sessions and custom audio sessions for training at home. Visit our website at for more information.

Thanks You

TEAM MENTAL FOCUS @ Advanced Self-Hypnosis

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