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lokahi. self-hypnosis system.



“the quieter you become the more you hear.”




Binaural:    Alpha Wave- relaxation and promote positivity + Beta Wave- concentration and problem solving + Theta Wave- relaxation and meditative states + Delta Wave- deep sleep and relaxation + Gamma Wave- expanded consciousness + Shaman Frequency- earth's heartbeat + Singing Bowls Major Notes 


Who is this for:  Anyone who wants to learn to focus their awareness, attention, and intention to influence and control your physical, mental, and emotional state in the moment, and build an outlook for the future based on intention and empowerment. 


Why the Lokahi System:  The Lokahi System has built in steps that work toward removing old subconscious barriers to success and fulfillment, and replacing them with suggestions for the changes you want to make.




Lokahi is an ancient Hawaiian word with many layers of meanings. Lokahi is the essence of unity, harmony, and connection. In the Hawaiian language there are meanings within meanings that carry vibrational frequencies of understanding, mana [life force], and healing. Ho’o Lokahi is the action upon which to communicate and illuminate healing and, more importantly, to reunite that which has been broken back into unity, and awareness—in short, to renew life.


Welcome to the Ho’o Lokahi. This is Advanced Hypnosis’ self-hypnosis System. Our system utilizes two fundamental beliefs:


  •  BREATH - breath is life - awareness of breath grounds us in the moment and connects us to life’s greater force. Concentrated breathing increases this connection even more.

  •  HIGHER PURPOSE - supreme consciousness - awareness that a supreme consciousness exists. It is infinite, and we are of it.


Feelings and emotions come from three places: past, present, and future. How you feel in at any given moment is a result of you thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs about your past and present situation, and your expectation for your future. From our beginning to our present, faulty beliefs of the self and the word around us can take root. like weeds, they infiltrate our mind, and create internal stress which robs us of our energy and self-limiting beliefs, that rob us of our future. Let’s take back control!


The Lokahi System has built in steps that work toward removing old subconscious barriers to success and fulfillment, and replacing them with suggestions for the changes you want to make. In the hypnotic trance, we receive suggestions, from ourselves, and the suggestions are accepted by our subconscious, and any conflicting information is replaced. 


As these old programs and self-limiting beliefs are removed, you’ll feel more calm, relaxed, and in control. As a result, stress is dissolved away as the self begins to heal.


The Lokahi system is an integral part of our healing process and is incorporated in the work we do here at Advanced Hypnosis. We recommend that you take our 30 day challenge and begin with The Foundation Sessions.


From there, utilize any of our other specialized sessions (breath work, chakra & energy sessions, etc.) as you desire. For the Ho’o Lokahi, we recommend taking part in both our Breath Work Sessions, and our Self-Hypnosis Sessions, before moving on to the combined breath & self-hypnosis Sessions.


Feel free to visit us at to see the products and services we offer. We offer customized programs and sessions. Please contact us through “contact” form or the email below for more information.


We offer training on Maui for our local clients and those attending our personalized retreats. We also offer remote sessions and custom audio sessions for training at home.


Thank You

TEAM MENTAL FOCUS @ Advanced Hypnosis

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